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If you want to learn Spanish inverting few time from your comfort, just open your computer or your smarthphone, and take our classes live.


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Our course was created by experts in teaching Spanish live classes

Start your Spanish live class and take them from wherever you want.

If you are interested in accelerating your learning, we also offer tutorships.

Develop the four language skills by live classes and innovative content and current affairs.

Develop your grammar and expand your vocabulary practices.The perfect complement to your classes and lessons.

You will have hands-on exercises and voice recognition tools.

Improve your pronunciation.

  • Private live classes

    Study with native teachers by innovate platform.

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    Innovate platforms helps you to learn Spanish.

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    Your results will be evaluated for educational professors.

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Your Spanish level will improve while you advance in each module.

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We have classes available from any device and there are live lessons every single day, besides holaspanish is designed to facilitate learning Spanish online.

Your Goals

Focus your classes to learn Spanish to travel or to prepare for an exam. Master the Spanish you need to succeed.

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Comfort course


Access to all courses for a set time of 1 year.

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Standard course


Access to all courses for a set time of 6 months and a half.

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Summer course


Access to all courses for a set time of 4 months and a half.

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All our classes
are 100% live

How long it takes?

In holaspanish, you can move forward as fast as you want. You only depend on the effort you put. As you have unlimited access to our platform, you can take live classes and complete the requirements of your level.

How much does it cost?

We have payment plans adjusted to your local currency. Our consultants will help you choose a payment plan that suits your possibilities.

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