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The most effective method

Latin American professors

The best way to learn is by doing. We guarantee that you will study with Spanish native professors, so you will learn and develop a perfect pronunciation and intonation.

Live classes

You will have access to live classes on a weekly basis. Each live class will give you a personal attention to achieve fluency, besides we guarantee learning through an innovative platform that streamlines teaching through video calls.

Innovative Tools

This is your the perfect complement to your classes and lessons. You will have hands-on exercises and voice recognition tools, it helps you to Improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation skills with engaging content, interactive tools, and exercises

Class 100% live and costumized

Improve your pronunciation and speak Spanish with confidence with our personalized 45-minute classes.

Native professors

We have qualified native and expert professors in teaching Spanish online.


Every time you pass a module you will receive a certificate of approval.

How does holaspanish work?

Gain fluency through our innovative courses, live classes, and daily interaction with native Spanish-speaking teachers, you will have individual classes, and you will be able to advance in your learning, as fast as you want.

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Spanish is the second language most talked in the world. It is going to help you to get more opportunities to work and it helps you to develop as professional.


If you want to travel and know countries where Spanish is talked, you need to learn it to enjoy more and have a fluent communication.


If you have free time, and you want to learn a new language, holaspanish gives you this possibility with the best live class and native professors, so you can invent your time.

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